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Something Special About Us

Child's Play Inc. the parent company of Parent University, all of our children's centers and Reston Day School has created a special place for our children and yours. Since we began in 1985, when we were a group of young teachers and school directors who were committed to providing the highest quality educational and developmental programs for young children at the most delicate and unique time of their lives we opened our first center in Germantown, Maryland. There is a unique period we call the “Nature of Early Learning”. We consider it our job to help parents prepare their children to be happy and successful in school and, more importantly, in life in general.

We invite you to bring
"Your Heart... with Legs" to visit.

An Important Note from Philip

Our Children's Centers

Our Children’s Centers actively recruit children of all religious, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. We are proud to be an international liberal arts school. We celebrate the major holidays of all nations.